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A Football Oasis

Here at L25 we like to wind down and deconstruct from time to time. With OBSCR we worked on a lookbook campaign that matched the rough military construction of their latest collection against some sunset hues.

A full-width 16:9 deliverable is for their in-store display at Crossover. Shot on the 5D Mark-ii, this is the lightest rig we’ve used on set.

Where did we shoot it? On a ‘deserted’ football field of course!

From the client

Our second collection entitled ‘Tribute’ draws inspiration from football and military stories. We amplify and bring the essence of vintage yet stylish garments, creating an off and on-pitch identity for the community. The ‘Tribute Collection’ is made to pay homage and respect to those who have taken street wear and football to where it is.


OBSCR is a contemporary fashion label that focuses on the anatomy and movement in garments. The name is an abbreviation of the word OBSCURE. The primary definition is: undiscovered or uncertain. Established in 2016, OBSCR is a meeting of two minds. Although from different backgrounds, our vision stays true to one, which is to create and design garments that would tell stories for the culture.

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