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  • Branding
  • On-ground activation
  • Corporate Identity
  • Animated Clips
  • Photogrammetry
  • Virtual Reality

On the Big Screen

Working with BATE gave an opportunity to scale our visuals and make a big impact with an audience that faces a live stage. We built almost 100 modular visuals over the course of two years following their tour. Aside from visuals we rebranded their logo and did on-ground activation using VR deliverables.

Turning a logo into a brand

Dynamic and Aggressive

The old BATE logo was symmetrical, almost reminiscent of an ambigram. An ambigram utilizes upside-down perspective of a design and make them legible from both ends. However the original BATE logo didn’t have the right balance to fill an ambigram from one end to another. We explored an asymmetrical shape instead as it signifies a youthful look to the brand, tearing a ripple in the local music industry.

Photogrammetry on human subjects

3D scanning

We pitched the idea to BATE to include themselves in some of the visuals to personify the brand. With Autodesk’s 123D Catch help we used local markers outdoors and photographed almost 200 frames per each artist. The frames are then stitched together using the software processing, and exported as a 3D mesh in .obj format.

Simulating a live BATE performance

Virtual reality activation

Supported by Future Sound Asia, we did a Virtual Reality pop-up booth at BATE events where users get to experience a live concert simulation. Created in the Unity 3D engine, we synchronized audio inputs from the decks to a virtual stage inside the Oculus Rift. Multiple users can join a crowd and experience the performance together, even if they are away from the actual stage.

On-ground activations

From the client

We’ve always wanted to be the first music act in Malaysia that acquires great digital talent as partners for our branding. We chose the Loop for their work with hi-fidelity visuals, and it pairs great with big screens at festivals on our tour. They consistently provided us unique visuals and almost every performance feels like a new way for us to capture our audience.

Visit BATEVisit BATE

Where is BATE now

EP and singles

BATE is now signed on to Lion Music Group under Universal Music. Their single ‘One I Love’ is set on to take the charts by storm and we are looking forward to more visual collaborations together.

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