What Makes a Hero?

About the Journey

We imagine teammates at L25 as heroes, who champion our relationships with partners to build engaging and meaningful content everyday. A hero to us is curious, creative, and courageous. The hero project is to visualize the spirit of the team on the front page.

Man on the Moon

We created our hero as an astronaut, representing modern explorers. Our hero is a blank canvas open for creative interpretation, in contrast to the dense world of digital.

Animating on Unity 3D

Using the Unity 3D engine we’ve composed a scene with our explorer on his way to take on the digital jungle. We felt that an animated 3D render was more eye-catching than an illustration and more inclined towards our three pillars.

Beacon in a Jungle

We visualized the digital space with lush branches of greenery. Much like a living-breathing ecosystem, navigating a digital society needs a guiding companion all the way to the peak, represented by the Petronas Towers.

Stylized Population

We love stylized art, and we represent that uniqueness and fulfillment with over a dozen modular assets. Our digital strategy works with the same principle, personalized and supplied with room for retargeting.

Taking it to the Skies

Our final rendering is available on our landing page, where we plant our flag to mark a new beginning of a great adventure.

A New Hero

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