Going Perpendicular with Facebook and Instagram

Compose, not fill

We have seen how utility turn into uniqueness from the way new content is being composed. The usage of carousel, canvas, and story feeds have paved way for a new way to publish. We’ll begin the year by introducing some of our best recommendations for seamless integration of your brand into your audience daily lives.


We are advocates of seamless blending, especially when we help brands intercept story feeds on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Stories come with short burst span of clips or images, which is perfect for being unobtrusive in serving as a friendly ‘hello’ to your audience from day-to-day.

Interactive Press and Hold on Facebook

Make your audience contribute more than just a reaction or comment on Facebook with a press and hold post. From a simple hold to reveal, think of how to animate content better and imply interaction. Content creators can explore hold and scrub, or even animating the space around the point of contact (the thumb).

Facebook 3D posts (Please allow some time to load above)

Approach your audience from a different perspective, or from every perspective. 3D post addresses the real estate issue for content composition by allowing content placement onĀ  a minimum of 6 sides: top, bottom, front, back, left, right, and more.

The future of vertical advertising

We believe that vertical and full-screen content will be an adopted standard within the digital advertising industry. Brands are using vertical content to deliver twice the amount of ads, blend content to the users’ environments, and even deliver ad content that was not possible to be done in a wide or square format before.

Bring your business upwards and beyond

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