Senior Front-End Developer

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Senior Front-End Developer

You can’t stand inconsistent design. You believe in a world where it takes less than 3 clicks to checkout at your favorite store. You visit Behance and Dribble at least that amount of times per day. You may or may not have read a little bit too much on Jony Ive.  As a senior front-end developer, you live and breathe to see people virtually happy.

Your role

  • Full-time
  • Department of 2-3 members

Your scope

  • Develop/maintain user interface products for web and mobile
  • Enhance  application optimization for maximum speed and scalability
  • Construct and maintain library of reusable codes in future-proofing
  • Manage quality control for UI/UX products from the team
  • Collaborate with members of other disciplines and external stakeholders

Your background

  • Minimum 5 year(s) of working experience in a similar role
  • Minimum portfolio of 3 products (web/mobile)
  • Advanced pipeline management for web and mobile front-end
  • Understanding of digital advertising ecosystem (basic sales funnel)

Your benefits

  • Coverage of commute and travel expenses (up to 30km)
  • Coverage of medical and wellness expenses (monthly)
  • Coverage of external training and excursions (minimum 1 year contract)
  • Annual company activities (events and trips)

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