Driving your brand with user generated content

Content that belongs to the community

User-generated content is not new to marketing, however the implementation has almost often been driven by incentives for participation. Here at L25, we are always looking for a better way to utilize an audience, whether they are yours or not.

An approachable ambassador

Consumers are more likely to trust a recommendation from another person rather than an advertisement. An influencer may reach a mass audience, but it is night and day from seeing your peer or colleague champion a product. Think UGC as a modern day referral. Burberry succeeded with ‘The Art of Trench’, a social wall of fans in their iconic trench coats showcasing the versatility of the trench with any style.

‘I can relate to that better’

What is a better feeling than to be understood? Advertisers are listening to individuals of the modern day that crave for some connection. It could be as simple as Coca-Cola labeling their product packaging to your name turning their customers into ambassadors.

A canvas for authenticity

Rather than coming up with a elaborately produced campaign that would have lesser impact by the time it is launched, UGC is timeless and continuous. Another case study would be Apple with ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign, taking the best photos from amateurs and professionals alike, being social proof of the authentic image quality produced by their flagship smartphones.

Driving UGC

A lot of UGC campaigns promote conversion instead of awareness, and many of these attempts fail in the early stages. Instead of bartering rewards in exchange for a hashtag appearance, focus on making the audience feel connected to the product.

Encourage, not incentivize

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