Senior Copywriter

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Senior Copywriter

It’s not about wordplay to you. It’s precision, close to German-engineering. You are a tastemaker, and your words are served as appetizer to the main course. Being a copywriter makes you constantly think of the next best thing to winning someone’s heart other than through their stomach. As a senior copywriter, you’ve already mastered the language for yourself, now you just want to make it universal.

Your role

  • Full-time
  • Department of 3-5 members

Your scope

  • Provide copywriting for campaigns that transcend digital platforms from web to mobile
  • Proofread and edit materials for campaigns and other deliverables
  • Long-form content creation (blog, articles, newsletters)
  • Brainstorm and collaborate on content strategy and creative concepts
  • Collaborate with members of other disciplines and external stakeholders

Your background

  • Minimum 3 year(s) of working experience in a similar role
  • Minimum portfolio of 3 campaigns/content championed (local/abroad)
  • Have relevant experience in any of the following campaigns: Print media, broadcasting, screenwriting, or retail/e-commerce related
  • Have impeccable written and verbal communication in English (both Malay/Mandarin is a plus)

Your benefits

  • Coverage of commute and travel expenses (up to 30km)
  • Coverage of medical and wellness expenses (monthly)
  • Coverage of external training and excursions (minimum 1 year contract)
  • Annual company activities (events and trips)

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