Clear Labels for Political Causes on Social Media

Reflections of a digital nation

In light of a recent paradigm shift in Malaysian local politics, a landslide win for the new governing body claimed success through the usage of the right social media tools. The win signifies strong participation from a nationwide response to political causes distributed online.  Malaysia’s new administration also takes great care of authentic digital content, planning to rectify it’s own Anti-Fake News bill that once defined distribution of malicious online content punishable by law.

Fairness towards intention

Facebook has announced it will be including political ads into its publishing features earlier this May. The advertising arm will monitor causes driven and funded by political bodies on their social media platforms. That includes ads run by news publishers or others that promote articles with political content. The labeling won’t just apply to candidate and election ads, but those dealing with political issues such as “abortion, guns, immigration or foreign policy.”

“Paid for by”

Ad publishers for social are now equipped with transparency tools to strengthen content driven by political endorsements. A new label “paid for by” is now introduced as a sub-header for posts. You may be familiar with other promoted content labeled “sponsored” or “ad” commonly tied to brands and influencers.

Metrics and visibility

Paid political ads are also transparent when it comes to sharing its reach. “When the label is clicked on, you will be taken to an archive with more information. For example, the campaign budget associated with an individual ad and how many people saw it – including their age, location and gender,” writes Director of Product Management at Facebook Rob Leathern.

Ads With Political Content

Posted by Facebook on Thursday, May 24, 2018
An honest library

Not being too late, Facebook’s new drive for transparency strive to be informative towards audiences who engage in political discourse. An archive made for searchable political ads  is established warranting users to identify or mark causes that are funded by governing bodies. Facebok also promises an additional feature to ‘view ads’ published by its Pages in the future.