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Breaking a Brand's Complacency

Double down on prêt-à-porter (or do a double-take) this summer as Giorgio Peviani invades Paris Fashion Week. Who is Giorgio Peviani you ask?

We worked with one of the great denim tailoring establishment Giorgio Peviani in East London to bring their brand digital. Giorgio wanted to stay relevant with savvy millennials, and who else better to document this historic moment but VICE.

Crossing street with Gu-chic, Giorgio made public appearance (and appeal) to the likes of Alexa Chung, Vogue editors and buyers alike.


VICE has expressed that this work is purely exploratory in documenting Giorgio Peviani brand and Paris Fashion Week itself. Intended, the brand should remain forever in the heart and spirit of East London’s streetwear.

The campaign lookbook gave the brand a younger look aligning it with the crowd that flocks Paris Fashion week, always hungry for something quirky and new. The website look and feel is aligned to an e-commerce future we imagine traditional mom-and-pop stores could be.

A True Vice

From the client

Google the name of this apparently Italian man and you’ll find page after page of his denim jeans. But he doesn’t exist, obviously. He’s absolutely a knock-off. But who for? If it’s Armani, Peviani isn’t benefitting from the brand association; the logo looks nothing like Armani’s. Whatever: people are buying his stuff nonetheless. He has a brand in his own right and is doing everything a designer should do. Apart from existing. There’s a void where he should be.

I’m going to fill that void: become Georgio Peviani and help him fulfil his potential, by becoming the toast of an industry fake enough to be deceived by a fake man. I’m taking Georgio Peviani to Paris Fashion Week.

About Giorgio Peviani

Georgio Peviani is a denim brand from East London that has been thriving since the early-90s. Though endorsed by the likes of Parisian designer Veronique Léroy, Alexa Chung and Brazilian Instagram influencer Raquel Minelli, Peviani is most at home on the markets of London. It is a brand made for everybody; of the highest quality, yet there’s not a piece in the collection that costs more than £30 to purchase.