Junior Animator

Junior Animator You started animating not to live a dream with Disney or Pixar, but because you like visualizing your own emotion. You like finesse too, a good animation shines...
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Senior Graphic Designer

Senior Graphic Designer You have hard-earned your badge with countless of banners and promotional material throughout the years kerning after kerning. You are looking for more, you are looking for...
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Senior Copywriter

Senior Copywriter It's not about wordplay to you. It's precision, close to German-engineering. You are a tastemaker, and your words are served as appetizer to the main course. Being a...
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Junior Copywriter

Junior Copywriter You like verbally expressing your ideas. You are fascinated by people who win hearts and minds through words. You may or may not claim yourself as an aspiring...
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Senior Front-End Developer

Senior Front-End Developer You can't stand inconsistent design. You believe in a world where it takes less than 3 clicks to checkout at your favorite store. You visit Behance and...
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