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L25 is a Malaysian digital advertising agency for local businesses and organizations. We champion social interaction on web, mobile, and beyond.

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Disrupt, not distract

We advocate value-added content to connect with audiences. Our proven method adds an approachable facet to making your business digital-friendly and not just digital-ready. To know more about this, follow our three pillars to great digital engagement below.

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Our Digital Services

Social media management

We provide daily organic content creation following our three pillars to great digital engagement on Facebook and Instagram.

Digital campaign creation

We build campaigns like stories that begin with creating awareness, mounting CTA, all the way to moon-landing your brand with the audience of your choice.

Community management

We build and manage relationships with people that interact with your product and services daily on social media.

Paid advertising and reporting

We distribute the best content and target the right audience through Facebook and Instagram Ads complete with insights monthly of your successes and failures.

Connect with the audience and elevate your product’s visual horizon

Three pillars to digital engagement

Full-height Content

With flagship smartphones diminishing bezels, scale up to fully vertical content on mobile. Boost engagement up to 9x more than a 1:1 square or 16:9 wide format. Tunnel the immersion, without interruption.

Animated, Interactive Content

Think kinetic and convert excess copywriting into video or animation. Let the audience contribute to the experience using Facebook 360°, Canvas microsites, or 3D content and increase conversion rates up to 26%.

User-Generated Content

Drive momentum by converting audience into ambassadors, ensuring a more authentic and accessible brand. Build a lifetime campaign with shareable moments that starts from a simple slogan or a hashtag.

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